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The following artists have kindly sponsored their profiles for the website. Click the pictures for a bigger version. All copyright remains with the artists. No reproduction without permission.


Paulene Allett

Paulene Allett likes to paint with oils, but also uses pastels and acrylics, etc. Started painting when she retired in 2003 and likes painting most things but particularly enjoys drawing and painting people.

Richard Arkwright

Raised amongst the hills of the Highlands of Scotland and now living in South Derbyshire has given me a love of the natural world. My art varies with whatever catches my attention and brings traditional hand drawn line etching techniques into the modern world of laser cutting. Commissions gladly undertaken., Facebook


Barbara Bristow

I’m a Littleover based Fine Art graduate of Derby University. Painting is my artistic gateway to exploration and discovery. See my website: I feel inspired and intrigued by images from the Hubble Space Telescope. We cannot experience or explore outer space ourselves but can only go there in our imagination. Also, I enjoy working with chance and the accidental. When I start a piece of work, I do not know the outcome in advance and often get surprises. I shape the accidental to my requirements. By adding layers, I let my painting evolve, working mainly intuitively.

Michelle Davies

I paint in bold & vibrant canvasses, using layers of paint to create texture & movement.Drawing inspiration from fleeting movements and shapes of landscape & nature to convey my sense of wonderment. I am particularly inspired by the expressionist movement and artist such as Emile Nolde and Jack Butler Yeats. Personally, I love the way that, as an artist, the life experiences obtained from places I go and people I meet both inform and inspire the way I produce paintings and also the way a viewer responds to them. My website is and Instagram.

Paola De Giovanni

I have been a photographer since my late teens, I attended a Foundation Degree in Florence, Italy, where I learned both analogue and digital photography. Photography is my main medium to express my creativity. My camera is like keeping a diary: I take photographs almost every day to document what I consider worth preserving and also to capture ideas, patterns and unique encounters. I specialise in portraiture, architecture and flower photography. My flower shots are often digitally manipulated to obtain a painterly effect. I am currently working on an environmental portraiture project of artists and makers based in Derbyshire. I am a member of Banks Mill Studios in Derby, a creative business incubator within the University of Derby.

Irsa Ervin

I am a self taught artist located in Leicestershire, my work is diverse ranging from wildlife to portraits and landscapes. I work with many different media such as watercolour, pastels, coloured pencils and airbrush. I use vibrant colours to their fullest potential. My attention is focused on details in order to captivate the audience and to represent the subject faithfully.  Facebook  Instagram

Guy Evans

Guy trained in Industrial Design at Newcastle Polytechnic then worked at Central St. Martins College of Art in London. Guy now works teaching life drawing at Nottingham Trent University, and drawing & design at the University of Derby.

Lee Harris

Slashing and burning aren’t words one would usually associate with sewing but that is what Lee Harris does to create interesting textile pictures and cards. Lee is self taught and uses landscapes and scenes from nature as the basic influence for her work. Lee sources vintage pieces of fabric, particularly silk and chiffon so each piece of work is truly unique and cannot be replicated. Commissions are welcome and some she has produced have used sentimental fabrics provided by the client. These have included a housewarming present in Holland and wedding present in the USA. The most recent being a picture of the Grand Canyon for a couple in Edinburgh as a wedding anniversary present.

Michael Hill

My inspiration stems from a lifelong interest in art and a period of illness in early 2018 which gave me the impetus to create my own work. I focus on abstract art as I am fascinated by the interaction of shape, space and colour and the boundless possibilities this gives across various mediums. I work organically having an idea in mind but which often develops into something else as the creative process takes place. I like to use experimental techniques and materials. For example ‘œcan’ art which uses cut out shapes from drinks cans to create abstract designs on canvas. Facebook

Deborah Hodgson

I primarily paint landscapes, being attracted by the effect of colour and light on the subject, generally using oil pastels, oils or acrylics. I’ve had paintings exhibited at the Patchings Art Festival. A couple have been chosen as “Editor’s Choice” in The Artist and The Leisure Painter magazines and for the Artist of the Year Competition run by the SAA (Society for all Artists). I’ve also exhibited at the Friends of the RBSA exhibitions and the National Fine Art Open Competition.

Amanda Hughes

Amanda originates from Barton under Needwood, and has formed close ties with the Melbourne community in recent years since building her own Eco-barn with her partner in the local Melbourne area. Amanda is a self-taught, mixed media artist whose vibrant and expressive artworks have an ethnic, indigenous feel which is becoming increasingly popular. The art scene is more outward and global and much more socially and politically minded. As artists we are reflecting on social and ecological concerns more than ever.

The vibrancy of our natural world has always captivated and enchanted me. I am inspired by the animals that are still wild and free from our direct influence and coexist around us and above us. Our communities are also moving and merging. Our visual displays in the clothes we wear, our hair, tattoos and the objects we make and surround ourselves with are evolving too. What we choose to buy is market driven, stream-lined and even straight-jacketed “on trend”. This is the starting point for my pieces. Art is a way I can break free, be free and lose myself.

Amanda has studied English and Education at the Universities of Durham, Cambridge and Derby and has had several solo exhibitions in this country and also Japan.  Instagram

Gaynor Lewis

Derbyshire artist Gaynor Lewis is of the opinion, that creativity should flow and have no limits.
And so, never sticking purely to one medium, Gaynor chooses the medium she feels will work best to capture those special moments in time of the stunning wildlife to be found in nature or to portray the wonders of a magical world. Her preferred subjects are nature and wildlife but again she has no limits, delving into fantasy and landscapes amongst others when inspired. Gaynor has exhibited both nationally and internationally and also attends a few select events yearly with her work.

Oliver Lovley

Oliver Lovley has exhibited in the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, appearing in the 500 Portraits selected book in both 2011 & 2015, in the ING Discerning Eye at The Mall Galleries and at both the Menier & Bankside Galleries with the Society of Graphic Fine Art. He also regularly exhibits his paintings at the Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol and in various galleries & live art shows nationally.

Caroline McFarlane

I live in West Hallam, in Derbyshire and have chosen to show pastels in this exhibition, although I also paint in oils. The paintings I have selected are inspired by places that speak to me. They are the fragments; the glimpsed moments that illuminate all our realities and make them so much richer.

Elizabeth Monk

I have two passions in life, wild swimming and painting, especially the plain air variety. I work in watercolour, acrylics and oils. My style is immediate and loose, utilising the big brush or palette knife approach to apply paint chosen from what is invariably a vibrant colour palette. The movement and colours of water and the sea seem to feature in much of my work. Recently I have exhibited at the Llangwm LitFest, where I run the Plein Air Workshops, to encourage other artists to grasp the fleeting effects and loss of control that working outdoors brings to their art.

Clare Morgan

The transient nature of each moment, traces of the marks left behind imprinted on the surface in vibrant hues, layered to reveal subtle shifts in colour underneath the dynamic figures in motion, colour and mark making reflect a celebration of the human spirit and lived experience. Fragmented figures juxtapose strength alongside vulnerability, figures being broken or pieced together, energy radiating from the imagery with no sense of place or gravity. Life isn’t static, we are always in motion and there is growth even in the most uncertain of times.  Instagram

Robin Nicholls

I have been painting on and off for a number of years. I entered some paintings in last year’s exhibition and was surprised to sell five out of the nine exhibited. I have completed nine paintings this year and will be submitting five to the exhibition. I paint mainly local scenes with oil paint on canvas, although this year two of the landscape paintings were views across Loch Carron inspired by a railway journey from Inertness to Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland.

Patricia O’Brien

I am based in Chesterfield. Originally from London, I relocated to Derbyshire in 2007. My work is dynamic and fun. I use a variety of printmaking methods: linocut, monoprint, drypoint and acid etching.

Jenny Oldknow

Jenny is an award-winning artist from Belper, Derbyshire, working in a vibrant naive style. Her use of flattened shapes of pure colour with bold black outline give a simplistic charm to her work. Jenny’s overall desire is to inject a sense of joy into my paintings.

Sylvia Royal

Working using a variety of media, it is important for me not to be restricted and the outcome can transform a painting into a finished piece. The places I have seen, the different cultures, shapes, textures, objects, close observation of colours, the lightness and darkness of areas and working outdoors are good examples. I am always asked if painting is relaxing, my answer to that is yes, when it’s working.

James Smyth

James Smyth is a Derby based artist and art tutor. He provides weekly art classes and monthly painting workshops in Derby. James is also available to demonstrate in pastels or oils to local art groups. Find more information at Facebook

Sandra Snow

Having a keen interest in art and crafts I attended Mansfield Art College in the 1970’s. Fabric design at the time was my first love. I continued to paint as a hobby always in oils. Having lived on a farm it was easy to get close to the animals and to observe the changing scenery over the seasons. So much to see so much to paint! Watercolours acrylics and pastels are now also part of my painting experience with varied subject matter.