2019 Featured Artists

A very impressive art exhibition

Featured artists for 2019 are Jane Bevan, Giles Davies and Liz Emery.

Jane Bevan

Jane Bevan has a passion for woodlands and the countryside, she gathers eye catching natural materials on walks and creates art work that acknowledges and celebrates the beauty and complexity of nature. Jane hand stitches, ties, weaves binds and assembles the treasured seasonal finds into vessels, small sculptures, and collage. Come and meet Jane and take part in playful, fun workshops using clay and natural materials.

Giles Davies

Giles Davies creates landscapes exclusively using recycled magazine cuttings. Viewed from a distance you see a coherent landscape with the richness of a photograph or painting; however closer inspection reveals a blend of many incongruous fragments of printed photography. Artwork is based on his own photographic reference, beginning with a loose pencil sketch on card. Then having arranged his cuttings according to colour to form a palette, he builds up his landscapes, mixing and matching the fragments and using a scalpel for precision cutting.

Having been fascinated with the possibilities of creating collages with magazine cuttings ever since student days at Great Yarmouth Art School; Giles often turned to collage to create images during many years designing TEFL books for various publishers. It wasn’t until June 2015 that he started experimenting creating landscapes exclusively using magazine cuttings in a more painterly way, with no other mixed media. He discovered a very rewarding medium, with the saturation and detail of a photograph, yet the endless freedom to manipulate shapes, and juxtapose colours and printed textures. He enjoys incorporating elements of pictures in a surreal way, at a different scale and in a different context, especially if they have a connection with the particular artwork.

Giles loves the natural beauty of the Peak District, close to home; but also draws inspiration from dramatic mountains and coastal scenes, particularly in Wales.

Giles has been a member of Peak District Artisans for the last thre years. In addition to exhibiting in the Midlands, he was featured in the BBC One series ‘Home is where the Art is’ in April 2019.

Liz Emery

Liz has a degree in Textile Design from the University of Leeds where she specialised in photographic
screen printing. She is a Yorkshire lass from Leeds and after spending several years travelling and
soaking up the culture of the Middle East she returned and completed a Post Graduate Art Teachers
course in Cardiff.

She started her teaching career in London and then moved to Nottingham where she now lives. Liz has
always had a love of textiles and all things woolly and during her time teaching learned the ancient art of
felt making.

Liz uses Merino wool and silk fibres to create pictures that combine her Fine Art skills with her interest in
textiles and texture. Yorkshire and particularly the Dales has been a constant source of inspiration and
she has developed a range of images based on landscape and the animals that inhabit it. She works
from her own photography and can often be found foraging around Sherwood Forest with her camera in
search of interesting images from which to draw inspiration. Liz uses wool fibres in delicate layers to give
her images depth and texture. She can spend time working on detail or let the fibres ‘do their own thing’
due to the unpredictable nature of the ‘wet felting ‘ method

Since starting to produce her own work Liz has taken part in local and national Art Fairs and exhibitions
as well as exhibiting in London and Europe. She is a regular exhibitor at the Contemporary Textile Fair in
Teddington and in the Spring of 2020 will be having a solo exhibition in the Walled Gallery, Sunbury on

Liz runs workshops from her studio in Nottingham and is in great demand around the country where she
runs workshops for interested groups. www.lizemeryfelt.co.uk