Alan Benton

I have been passionate about art all my life watching it, seeing it, and doing it.
I have been interested in all forms of art and have even won an internationally recognised prize for my work in acrylics, being placed the highest European in the International Society for Acrylic Painters.
These days I am much more relaxed about my approach and have loved using the most basic of materials ‘Charcoal’. Sometimes if I think the piece requires it I will use a splash of colour to ‘ just add a little something to the mix, so to speak’.
For this year’s exhibition I wanted to try something a little different. I have always loved music a real passion of mine .I love all types of music similarly I love all types of art, for me there’s no bad music or art it all provokes a reaction and a feeling. I have done three pieces this year all inspired by a song called ‘Broken down Angel’. I have interpreted this by creating these pieces as a breaking news piece. For this I have used newspaper as the canvas and charcoal as the core part to the art.
I hope you like them. I would love to sell all three pieces to be displayed together, that was always the intention they look great side by side, but equally they are sold as individual pieces. I would be happy to discount them for one buyer of course through the Dame Catherine Team.
I hope they provoke a reaction in you the viewer. Thanks for reading this artist statement and it’s great to see you supporting this great exhibition in this a terribly difficult year for all concerned, stay safe and hopefully see you all next year.

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