Christopher Beard

Christopher Joe Beard/ Artist`s statement.
CJB has currently been waiting to move to Ticknall`s surrounding area, but firstly Brexit and then the Corona Virus Pandemic, has delayed the move. So he is still working in his garden studio close by the Macclesfield to Marple canal, at Higher Poynton ( N.E Cheshire) . CJB is a 74 year old veteran painter with a distinguished CV and background. Currently working towards his 5th one man show at Buxton Art Gallery, he has won awards and has work in permanent collections, with 4 works in the Art UK BBC Public Collection Online. He was a featured artist in the Artist and Illustrator magazine in May 1997 and has painted many portraits and military scenes for the Army and for Civic Societies. His pictures are fairly widely collected now.
Something of a dual personality, he also alternates between realistic and non realistic approaches, but for this show he is sticking to the “realistic”. He took his degree at Manchester in 1980 under the hyper critical eye of course leader/art critic David Sweet and CJB calls it a “school of hard knocks – but it gave me ambition to always raise the bar as much as possible”( Simply Red`s Mick Hucknall was also there on the same course!).
He believes painting to be an almost spiritual activity that transcends mere depiction, but involves both the mind and the heart translating the surrounding world into a visual experience.” A sort of “signing” but with a brush or some other art tool, so others can “see” what I see…….a sort of translation”.
He is currently working towards his 2021 solo show at Buxton tentatively called “This might make a painting”
He can be found on Facebook @Daisy Bank Studio and @christopherjoe. beard

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