David Burchett

I am a Leicestershire based artist and concentrate mainly on sketching and painting in watercolours, however recently I have worked increasingly in Acrylics.
A wide range of subjects inspire me to produce my work and I am currently focusing on painting natural history subjects and vehicles.
Since I was a child I have also had a fascination with aviation and I am an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists.

I have entered 8 watercolour paintings this year, an acrylic painting on board of a Jaguar MkII, and a faux Butterfly Collection.

The Butterfly Collection can be produced to order. It could be considered as a collage or assembly of small individual printed pieces.

Initially I painted each individual butterfly in watercolours, these were then scanned so that a high quality Giclée printed sheet could be produced.

To create each collection I cut out the butterflies from the printed sheet, hand finishing each butterfly where necessary with watercolour paint. They are then scored/folded along their centreline to create their 3D form. A backing sheet is printed, the butterflies are then attached with glue and a mount is fitted. I then assemble into a hand made display case.

Most of my pieces contain glass and may not be suitable for posting, alternative arrangements may need to made for delivery/collection.

Website: artbydavid.co.uk

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