Felicity Jackson

My lifelong interest and passion has been the natural world, and this is reflected in my preferred subjects, wildlife and landscapes. Wildlife for me includes insects, beautiful in closeup and endlessly fascinating. I do also like to paint domestic animals (like guinea pigs or sheep); old buildings mellowed into their environment appeal to me too.

Watercolour is my favourite medium – I love its delicacy and spontaneity, I find it lends itself well to atmospheric landscapes and to finely detailed animal studies; even to the world of the imagination. I also like edging with pen, in a geometric style.

Landscapes, I think, are best painted on-the-spot, taking in the colour and feel of the moment. For animal studies I do use photographs, but also like to observe the way the animal moves and behaves, so as to bring it to life.

Pastel is another lovely medium, in which some quite different effects can be achieved. Most of my subject matter is strictly representational, but whatever the subject, I try to capture the essence and ‘spirit’.

I will take commissions, for pets of all kinds and also buildings, and can give workshops to small groups.

I have lived in Derby most of my working life, and make excursions whenever I can into the wonderful countryside all around, and, of course, observe the wildlife.

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