Kirstie Adamson

For over twenty years Kirstie Adamson has specialised in using reclaimed materials creatively, leading her to focus on magazine collage from 2007. The artworks have an environmental core message, the fragility of life, emotion and perception being key subjects explored and interpreted in intricate layers of paper, often mistaken for oil paintings. Kirstie often depicts the simplistic way in which children view and respond to the world around them, drawing parallels between environmental issues and the generation we need to preserve the world for. She illustrates landmarks of personal meaning and is also known for creating conceptual works centred around emotion, a narrative of our humanity. She draws attention to her medium of magazine collage with rough edges, negative space and hidden clues as the paper it’s self echos fragility.

Her fairy and wildlife illustrations accompany her own writing in her future folklore series. Book one ‘Here’s a story I heard tell’ is the first in the series, it features artwork taken from 18 of her original magazine collages as well as 16 factual poems about the insects & animals depicted. Written to reflect tales of myth and legend, as though they have already become incredibly rare or extinct, a subtle reminder of what will happen if we continue as we are. Written to document & encourage the preservation of our natural world.

Kirstie also creates paper sculptures with magazine collage surface decoration, these are part of the installation work she collaborates on with fellow artists. ‘By Royal Decree’ is an art installation designed to maintain and increase awareness of the climate crisis and the urgency with which it needs to be tackled. The installation is based around the idea of having a nature’s royal family issuing a decree that we’re out of time and need to act now.

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