Marie South

My inspiration comes from both the wildlife and natural and man-made forms in my surroundings, particularly the Derbyshire countryside and the small village where I live. My response is created through line and mark making using a variety of techniques to produce figurative work. I love going from an initial idea and sketches, to compose a picture and then moving on to paint or print it. It is very satisfying to see an idea come to fruition in a frame! My work can be seen at
I etch at home on aluminium plates using a non-toxic method. The lockdown has given me the time to explore a new etching method using photopolymer. This still uses an aluminium plate, covered with photopolymer film. Then the covered plate, together with the transparency of the drawing, is exposed to an UV light. The exposed plate is then developed, hardened and then ready to print, using the standard etching inking up methods.

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