Robin Nicholls

This will be my third year exhibiting at Dame Catherine Art Exhibition, although this year is going to be different due to the current circumstances, as it is online giving the opportunity to study the exhibit albeit from photographs. I have been painting as an amateur on and off for a number of years but having retired aged 65 in 2015 I am able to spend more time at my hobby. My landscapes are painted using oil paint on canvas with some use of acrylics in the initial stages. I am self taught and try to capture real life scenes painting in a photo realistic style. I will try to explain the location that Inspired my paintings in this years exhibition. I have tee canal scenes from Fradley Junction (between Lichfield and BUrton on Trent inspired by a visit on a sunny afternoon in July last year.The painting of Anker Bridge in Tamworth Castle grounds was never intended to include figures, but when a young family turned up taking a photograph during my photo session I wanted to capture that moment so included them in the picture. There is an Autumn scene of the river Anker on its journey across the fields towards Tamworth station. There are two summer scenes of of the river Tame. One from Hopwas bridge on the Lichfield Road out of Tamworth and the other downstream looking back upstream towards the bridge. There is a scene looking through the pine trees and another similar with snow capped mountains inspired by a railway journey between Inverness and the Isle of Lochalsh in Scotland in October 2018.

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