Neil Spalding


I grew up in smoke-filled South Lancashire and often travelled around with my father, who as part of his job, had access to all manner of industrial buildings, many of them unaltered since Victorian Times. I felt quite at home amongst their blackened and well worn walls.

I came to see that these buildings had an appeal of their own be they maltings, bottle kilns, cotton mills, pumping stations or dwellings. They all had a story to tell which is part of our history and heritage. Please spare a thought for the workers who toiled in them often for little reward and in dire conditions.

Very few of the buildings I make are actual replicas. There are buildings from England, Wales and Scotland and most of them are still standing although they may have been re-sited. Some long vanished buildings have been reborn from old photographs and drawings. What you see is my interpretation of the building. Some of them are raku fired, some are earthenware.

I am a member of, and exhibit with, the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen. I also exhibit independently; my work having been seen in many venues ranging from a village hall to the National Gallery.

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