Patricia Lane

Some of my happiest childhood memories are when my Dad and I headed off with our sketchbooks to discover something new about the natural world. We’d sit, draw and discuss the view as the colours and textures of nature unfolded before us, and my passion for landscapes was born.

Art has played an important part in my life ever since, though sometimes I needed to fit it in the cracks between raising a family and managing a busy career. I’m retired now and my daughters are all grown up so I can fully indulge my passion for creating art. Bliss!

I work with acrylics, paints and inks, adding all kinds of different materials to bring texture and drama to my work. I like to be experimental with techniques, which often bring an element of abstraction to my painting style, which I love.

I’m inspired by the landscape of the UK, Andalucia and some of the wonderful places I have visited. My paintings are not necessarily exact representations of a particular view but, more about the essence of the landscapes that I see. Most important to me are the memories evoked by a particular location; atmosphere, colours and textures, weather conditions, how I was feeling when I made the original sketch, who was with me etc.

Mainly I like to work in my studio, allowing my own personal interpretation of the landscape to flow on to the paper or canvas. Often the spontaneous glide of paint or the serendipitous effect of added textures suggests a feature of the landscape, which I love to develop, and which brings individuality and vibrancy to my work.

El duende is a Spanish term for the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It’s what gives you chills, what makes you feel as you respond to a performance or work of art. A more loose translation means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. This is what I seek to incorporate in my paintings.

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