Erica Just

Erica Just is an artist, illustrator, paper maker and weaver who specialises in watercolour painting. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and has work in Public and Private Collections.
Inspired by seasonal plant formations from seedling to seedhead as seen in an ever changing natural landscape of wastelands, hedgerows, allotments and some formal gardens.
Erica Justs watercolour paintings of grasses and natural forms are painted directly with the brush.. Often utilising the “wet on wet” watercolour technique, and a combination of loose and fine details. Light and subtle colour tones are a focus within the paintings.
The composition is observed by sitting, watching and taking time, whether to see how the sculptural shapes are formed on blades of grass from the rain, and then scorched by the sun, or a stalk broken and bent by a bird in search of a grain or a resting place. The same variety of flora found in the landscape are painted throughout the seasons, revealing how the weather and the life cycle impacts on the forms and structures.
The paintings work singularly, in pairs or triptych, creating a panoramic view.
Instagram @ericajustartist

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