Tim Bos

Tim Bos website: www.timbos.art for some paintings offered for sale.
Instagram blog: timbos13 for a broader portrayal of who I am and what my interests are, with the progression of paintings exposed.
Based in York.
The start:
Some evening classes and practical sessions with experienced artists over 15 years.
The development:
Experimentation with a large variety of media, techniques and surfaces.
The encouragement:
Exhibitions of art societies and community venues with regular commendations, entries to Open Exhibitions in the Midlands and North Yorkshire with sales, and some commissions.
The realisation:
I call my style “unavoidable abstraction”. Every interpretation in art feels like an abstraction at some level; caused by the limitations of our minds interpreting what we see or what we experience. I then re-create the scene or the emotion in paint.

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