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Artist List

To view each artist’s profile and art entries click on the artist’s name.

A James
Alan Benton
Alex McArthur
Amanda Hughes
Amber Wildgoose
Ann Bates
B M Kirk
B Mishra
Barbara Wain
Carol Pairaudeau
Caroline McFarlane
Celia Brookes
Christine Evitts
Christopher Voas
Claire De Paola
Clive Sayer
Colin Brooks
David Walker
Deborah Hodgson
Dennis Rollason
Di Lorriman
Diane Daley
Dianne Joy Cox
Elizabeth Monk
Ellen Gough
Erica Just
Esther Hawke
Felicity Jackson
Fi Marks
Freda Harris
Haris Naqeeb
Heather Griffin
Heather Rutland
Helen Barker
Helen Harding
Irsa Ervin
Jackie Ward
Jane Bevan
Janet Burt
Jannice Read
Jennifer Frearson
Jim Whysall
Jo Allsopp
Joan Chatterton
Joan Grimadell
Joan Rollason
John Watson
Judith Shaw
Julia Blower
Katie Edwards
Katy Widdowson
Kay Trimble
Kerensa Mckie
Kevin McCarthy
Linden Cooke
Lorraine Richardson
Louise Wilson
Lucy C Smith
Lynne Bagnall
Magdalena Liszega
Margaret Hatchard
Maria Alicia
Marie Theresa South
Marilyn Janice Hooker
Mary Dennis
Melissa Gee
Natasha Deighton
Pamela Ryan
Paul Mason
Paula Letts
Pauline Allen
Peter Valentine
Rachel Parkinson
Rebecca Moore
Rebecca Read
Robert Timmins
Robin William Nicholls
Rosemary Scott
Ruby Beau
Samantha Mullarkey
Sandra Mayne
Sandria Maddocks
Sandy Hillyer
Sarah Blandford
Sarah Perkins
Sophia Michelle
Stacey Marie Tomkinson
Stephanie Haywood
Stephen Citynskyj
Steve Smith
Steven McLoughlin
Sue Barry
Sue Gardner
Sue Shelton Smith
Sue Spence
Susan Kistner
Sylvia Royal
Tilly Abby
Tim Rose
Tom Burley
Tomas Villarosa
Tony Moss
Traci Shearer
Vandy Massey
Vicky Benton
Victoria Bacon
Victoria Brown
Wendy King
William Grange
Zaza Lewis


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